The Rectory Gallery

The Rectory Gallery is an exhibition space in the Rectory of Spitalfields Church. Exhibitions are organised by Curwen & New Academy Gallery (Windmill St, W1), aimed at supporting up and coming artists or fresh and interesting art projects.The Rectory is an original 1720’s Hawksmoor building.

Through the impressive doorway, is a grand hallway with a magnificent staircase, leading upwards to a private living area, and downwards to the church office. On the left, are two sitting rooms, now transformed into one long open gallery space, yet retaining their Georgian splendour and atmospheric traces of a domestic space.

020 7323 4700 


The Rectory Gallery is avaibalble to view by appointment or from 1 to 9pm on the first Thursday of every month.

2 Fournier Street,
E1 6QE