The Rag Factory

Located just off the vibrant Brick Lane in the heart of East London, The Rag Factory offers a dynamic range of spaces to suit the needs of any exhibition from grass roots to internationally-established endeavours, solo or in groups up to 100.

Previous shows have included Turner Prize Nominees Tracy Emin, Gary Hume and Laure Prouvost, established artists Mat Collishaw, Gavin Turk and Nick Hornby, ascendant street artists such as Stik and Ashes57, and many hundreds more over 7 years. We host a regular summer programme of Degree Shows, and are regularly chosen for London Design Festival.

Retaining many of the original features of the original factory complex, you can choose from one to six large, bright, naturally-lit spaces with adaptable lighting, temporary walling and blackout options, extensive hanging facilities and friendly, knowledgeable staff, all rich in character (even the people…).

Presenting your work at the Rag Factory will provide you with affordable access to multi-functional space whilst connecting you to one of the most artistically-explosive areas in the world.

Hume Studio – 29ft x 80ft - £310 per day (also includes Garret – 14ft x 24ft).

Apricot Gallery – 14ft x 78ft - £200 per day.

McCoy Studio – 23ft x 26ft - £150 per day.

Sewing Room – 23ft x 33ft - £150 per day.

New Studio – 23ft x 23ft - £120 per day.

Bangkok Studio – 15ft x 10ft - £70 per day.

Prices are negotiable for genuinely unfunded groups and individuals. We can also work with you to develop alternative funding and revenue-generation strategies to help you to help us to help you!

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The Rag Factory
16-18 Heneage Street
E1 5LJ