Artfinder helps independent artists and galleries sell original and limited edition art works via an online marketplace. Based in Kings Cross, Artfinder is always actively looking for more artists to join their site. '

Artfinder says:

'We've been into art for ages. People have been expressing themselves through art since we lived in caves. This is true of all cultures, of all walks of life. It's fundamental to who we are. It inspires us, communicates things we struggle to put into words and makes our lives richer and more interesting.

But buying art can be difficult. We know this: the art world is dripping in confusing terminology, sometimes things seem expensive and it's hard to see why. Sometimes you can't even see a price tag and it's intimidating to ask. The amount of art available can be overwhelming.

We explain why things cost what they do. We help you discover your own taste and style so you can be confident about buying the art you want.'

Caledonia House
223 Pentonville Road
N1 9NG