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03 Feb 2014
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Business registration deadline: We advise businesses to register as soon as possible so that artists have more time to create adverts

Artist Open Call deadline: 27 February 2014

Your Ad Here is a new project for east London that will give local independent businesses the chance to have an outdoor advertisement created by a local artist and displayed in and around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for up to three years.

Your Ad Here is a celebration of the small independent businesses that are such an important part of the fabric of life in the city, but that wouldn’t normally have the resources for large-scale billboard advertising. It also sets out to connect them to the large and diverse community of artists in east London and to create partnerships across both the business and creative sectors, that we hope will endure, improving community relationships and opportunities for growth in both areas.

Almost 13,000 artists live and work in east London. However, it can be hard to get a sense of the contribution to local life that this community of artists undeniably make. This project  presents a new opportunity, and perhaps also a challenge, for artists to get to know their local shopkeepers and business owners a little bit better and to produce something of real local value.

Seven artists,  all with connections to east London have been commissioned by Create London to get the ball rolling. This will be followed by an open call which will give up to 30 other artists the chance to submit their ideas for an advert. The commissioned artists are: David Bachelor, Jeremy Deller, Ruth Ewan, Lauren Godfrey, Hayden Kays, Lucas Price and Samara Scott. You can see some of their work here.

For more information and details on how to apply visit:

Your Ad Here is commissioned in partnership with LLDC and Moniker Projects. 

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