WORKSHOP - A Creative Approach to Wellbeing


11 Aug 2019
Opening times:

Sunday 1st August 2-5 pm. Free and open to all!

First of a series of art therapy inspired workshops. Free and open to all!

Come and explore how art making and creative expression can help access a path to wellbeing.

The workshops will be lead by Art Therapist Samantha Strongman and Drama Therapist Ali Macdonald, following on from the art therapy exhibition 'Me Being Me' at HOXTON 253 art project space in May 2019. 

Samantha and Ali work together for the NHS as creative therapists and together have a wealth of experience in working with children and adults of all ages.

There will be 4 creative and experimental stations with different activities:

✦ Emotional Regulation - calming the body in order to calm the mind through an interactive activity

✦ Creative Expression - connecting individuals through arts

✦ PLAY - why play is important for both adults and children

✦ Words to live by - what helps us make feel good

►  Sunday 11th August 2-5pm at HOXTON 253 art project space

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