What Came Paint?


30 May 2014 to 01 Jun 2014
Opening times:

PRIVATE VIEW - 29 May 6-9pm
12-6pm or by appointment 07964234837

In the face of the condition of an inherently digitalised cultural sphere, it might seem odd that artists continue to chose to address the nature of the visual world through a tradition as old as painting. What Came Paint? is a group exhibition of six painters which explores this very question, how can a painted surface or a pictorial plain ever compete for our attention as we flick through the pictures on our glowing LCD screens?

Each of the 5 artists in the exhibition consistently revisit notions of pictorial space - space imagined, suggested and faithfully represented - and the degree to which their brushes manipulate this space. Their works could be seen as products of a different kind of looking, slow looking, or searching looking, the kind of seeing learnt over years of investigations into the dynamics of form and colour and line. It goes without saying for all of these painters that this slow looking is an ancient kind of looking, and while in various ways the history of painting is considered, these paintings are nonetheless emblematic of what it means to look in the 'here and now'.


Plate: Space                                    

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Shadwell Overground/DLR - 9 mins walk.

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Event Address: 
408 Commercial Road
E1 0LB