Until you became me: Performance Night


18 Jul 2019
Opening times:

6:30pm & 8pm

The evening will consist of a variety of performances developed in response to the atmospheric spaces of House Mill. There will be two sessions allowing visitors to experience the performances in intimate groups with access to parts of the mill which are usually closed to the public. Taking the setting of the historic tidal mill and the exhibition’s themes as a starting point, the performances will explore themes of the body, water, ecology and our relationship to the environment. Guest artist Maria Ibarretxe, who is traveling from Bilbao to perform at the event, will guide viewers between the different spaces of the building where performances are taking place.

Performing Artists:

Maria Ibarretxe

Maria Ibarretxe is a Basque Choreographer, performer and visual artist who works across borders. She approaches social and personal subjects with a humorous, intimate and participative approach to create works which are engaging and accessible yet deeply nuanced.

Bettina Fung

Bettina Fung | 馮允珊 creates two dimensional, performative and site specific works. Her practice explores what drawing can become and involves the performative aspect of drawing. Bettina often draws in live settings at exhibitions and festivals, hence sharing her process and allowing the work to unfold over time. She is drawn to the liminal space between nothing and existence that is potent with possibilities. Themes of ritual, futility, purposelessness and notions of productivity and progress are subjects of interest.

Karen Le Roy Harris

For Karen making is a natural dialogue between her body and the material. She works with supple materials that can be physically transformed with her hands as they move together. This reflects her interest in shifting boundaries that resist definition and that are often ‘between’ forms. Her current work examines our relationship with nature, the interconnection and lack of definition; how we consume back into our bodies what we inflict. Her performances similarly work in dialogue with materials and the objects created.

Miriam Sedacca

Working across film, installation and performance, Miriam Sedacca explores themes of sensory perception and inter subjective connections. Using light, site and the human body as raw materials she creates work which is immersive and tactile.

Artist Biographies

Maria Ibarretxe is known for her work with collective collective SRA. POLAROISKA with Alaitz Arenzana. Their works have been shown internationally and have received several awards including “GURE ARTEA/ Best artistic creation” (Basque Government), 1st Award Choreographic Context of Madrid and “INJUVE” Award, Best Audiovisual Creation (Ministry of Culture of Spain). Maria has been awarded residencies in Tenjinyama Art Studio (Japan), SeMa Nanji Residency (South Korea), TeaterMakinen (Sweeden), Kanutti Gildi Saal (Estonia), EINCE (México).www.cargocollective.com/srapolaroiska

Bettina Fung has exhibited throughout London, nationally and abroad. She was a recipient of the a-n Artist Information Company's New Collaborations Bursary in 2014 to carry out collaborative research in combining traditional drawing methods with interactive design technologies. In 2018, she was awarded Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts award in supporting her solo exhibition, Imprints of Passing Time, at Surface Gallery in Nottingham. Bettina is currently taking part in Syllabus IV, an alternative peer led artist development and learning programme, and is an Associate Member of the Asia-Art-Activism Research Networkwww.bettinafung.com

Karen Le Roy Harris is an artist and activist working with both anti-fracking and boating groups. She has exhibited in museums including National Trust sites Dunham Massey, Manchester and Sutton House, London and with Jersey Heritage at Jersey Museum. She has exhibited at galleries including CCA Galleries International, Pitzhanger Manor Gallery, London, Jersey Arts Centre and Salle du Sépulcre, France. She has undertaken residencies including an archeological residency with Les Ateliers Intermédiaires & ArtHouse Jersey. She curated Raw Materials: Wood and Magic Mirror featuring Claude Cahun at the Nunnery Gallery, Bow Arts. www.karenleroyharris.com

Miriam Sedacca has worked, exhibited and performed internationally since graduating from an MAFA at Central Saint Martins in 2015. She held her first solo exhibition in London in 2016. She has organised and co-curated group shows in London and internationally. She has been awarded several residencies including SeMa Nanji, Seoul Museum of Art (South Korea), Trelex Amazonia (Peru) and Tenjinyama Studio (Japan).www.miriamsedacca.com