Two's a Pair


24 Sep 2010
Opening times:


For London Design Week, Emerald Faerie has been invited to participate in V&A's Friday Late night to create a special one-off event for their Two's a Pair themed evening.

Staged within the impressive medieval and Renaissance inpired Room 64b, Emerald Faerie will be premiering the film Cinderella's Revenge - Layers of Interpretation', a collaboration with film director Catherine Taylor.  The work is a short film in three parts and based upon Emerald Faerie's latest chandelier - Cinderella's Revenge - which, in turn, was a collaboration with haute couture shoe designer, Terry de Havilland.

There will be two performances at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

As part of another strand of the night, guests are asked to wear their favourite pair of shoes.  In keeping with the theme of Two's a Pair, willing participants will be photographed, interviewed and asked to sjare a timeless tale about their footwear.  The resulting footage will feature on Emerald Faerie's website and blog in late September.

Emerald Faerie is a Bow Arts Trust artist based in East London.  Find out more about their work online.

Full details about Two's a Pair available online.