Top 5 Things to Do


June Top 5.

This month, art across East London promises to be as varied and exciting as always. Now that summer has well and truly begun, its time to have a look at the best events taking place this month!

Bow Arts Open.


Every year, Bow Arts throws open its doors to the world at large so they can take a good look at everything they do. From live music, to craft stalls, through to exhibitions and the chance to roam unheeded through the artist studios, it is a cornerstone East London event that is not to be missed!

Kirsten Glass-A Spritz of Absinthe

Xero, Kline & Coma present the work of artist Kirsten Glass. By exploring, precisely, what a model is, who they are possessed by, what they are and what they seem to represent, Kirsten Glass provocatively addresses who or what we are looking at in this age of seemingly endless vanity.

Madge Gill Retrospective

The Nunnery, a Bow Arts Trust initiative, has pulled together the energetic and engaging work of East End artist Madge Gill. This is the first in a series of exhibitions that will go on until 2013, aimed at raising awareness of this brilliant artist that sadly did not receive the recognition she deserved in her own lifetime. 

XXXORA-The Newer Gender


Vyner Street Gallery presents the exciting, controversial work of artist XXXORA. Drawing from a wide range of influences, XXXORA dissects famous icons of popular culture by placing them in extraordinary, almost cartoonish contexts. Concerned with issues of gender, sexuality and politics, this is a feast for the eyes and the mind. Certainly not one to miss. 

PARK SEUNGMO : A Present Moment

A Present Moment is an exhibition by Park Seungmo, hosted by HADA Contemporary in Vyner Street. An amazing collection of work, exploring familiarity, otherness and spirituality, A Present Moment asks us to look more closely at the things around us and consider their function, purpose and meaning. By using fibreglass and steel wire, Seungmo takes an impression of things we know and reshapes them into something new and old, holding its shape and in the process of taking on another one. An exhibition not to be missed.