Sweet 'Art presents - INTERSECT


09 Mar 2019

Sweet ‘Art Presents INTERSECT

A collaborative live art project exploring the female gaze in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Sweet ‘Art are delighted to invite you to join us for Intersect. Sweet ‘Art developed the Intersect collaborative live art project for WOW Festival 2018, in order to explore the female gaze, subverting the traditional male gaze in art and introducing an intersectional feminist perspective. Four female identifying artists; Leena McCall, Odette Farrell, Shadi Mahsa and Susa Bryan, have been selected by Sweet ‘Art for Intersect 2019 due to the exploration of feminist issues in their practice from very different social, personal and political perspectives. The artists will each work at one of four stations on a portrait of a female identifying sitter for a set period of time. When their time slot ends, they will move to the next station to continue working on the previous artist’s portrait, and so on until they have sat at each of the 4 stations; creating a collaborative visual dialogue of an intersecting female gaze. The resulting artworks act as an unpredictable representation of differing feminist and female perspectives, and each sitter is invited to engage in a visual and verbal dialogue with artists, exploring feminism, identity and what it is to be female in a collaborative and supportive process. Each sitter is given the resulting 4 portraits to take away.


This year Sweet ‘Art are collaborating with Crabtree & Evelyn who will be hosting the project on the 9th March 2019 at their luxury concept store in Islington London, to celebrate International Women’s Day with Sweet ‘Art.


Sweet ‘Art is a non-profit arts organisation based in London and dedicated to the promotion of artists through exciting and fun arts event and projects. We operate from an intersectional feminist perspective, privileging the voice of marginalised groups in our work.

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…and we hope you will join us in this exciting and different way to celebrate International Women’s Day!


Crabtree & Evenlyn

294 Upper Street, Islington,  N1 2TU

Please contact us for further queries on press@wearesweetart.com

For further details and links to book tickets please check out our website: www.wearesweetart.com

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