11 Apr 2014 to 16 Apr 2014
Opening times:

Open from : 12th-16th April.

12-6 PM Daily.


Private View : Friday 11th of April 1800-2100.

An exhibition of art works  inspired by the essay film Sans Soleil (1983) by Chris Marker  and the experimental short film La Jetee (1962). The exhibition is a mixture of sculpture, painting and film inspired by the themes of  memory and consciousness, and how our (seemingly) precious moments can be altered and distorted over time, which gradually erodes our identity and sense of place. And World histories(separated by distance alone), are merged together by this continuous reshaping of events. Memory is constantly being rewritten, and as consequence our own personal histories are also being rewritten.

In both of these films human beings are seen as immobile, occupying rooms and spaces for brief periods surrounded by the pressure of time.

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Bermondsey Project Space
46 Willow Walk