03 Jul 2019 to 18 Aug 2019
Opening times:

Weds - Fri: 10-6

Sat/Sun: 11-5

Florence Hutchings | Jordy Kerwick | Jan Sebastian Koch | Rosanna LeFeuvre | Joy Miessi | Christian Newby | Roman Schramm


Our first­-ever SUMMER MARATHON takes a revitalised approach to the traditional ‘group show’ format, presenting 7 international artists in back­-to­-back solo exhibitions (in lieu of one group show) during the summer period. Through this unconventional approach, each of the exhibiting artists is able to fulfil their vision and stage a complete solo exhibition for a one-­week period. The shows will come up­-and­-down with quick turnaround and the following week the successive artist will mount his/her solo exhibition. The experiment is intended to present a cheeky, alternative take on the group show ­ with a blink­ and ­you’ll miss it sensibility that reflects the laissez ­faire mentality of summer itself.

SUMMER MARATHON begins with sculptor and textile artist Christian Newby; followed by painter Jan Sebastian Koch; conceptual photographer Roman Schramm; textile artist and painter Joy Miessi; fine­art and fashion photographer Rosanna Lefeuvre; and finally painters Florence Hutchings, and lastly Jordy Kerwick.

*Note: Gallery hours are Wednesday ­ Sunday (only) during this period with casual receptions every Saturday afternoon from 2­-4pm.

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