Spatter Platter


12 Apr 2010 to 01 Jun 2010
Opening times:

<p>Open: Monday - Friday, 9 - 5pm</p>
<p>Saturday, 11 - 3pm</p>

Delicately gruesome remains spill enticingly across the space in a globular installation of painting and collage.

The paintings seemingly ooze from the corner of the space, dripping down the wall into collages of pigment and imagery. The strange shaped canvases provide a base for these abstract paintings, which appear to have grown extensions and additions. The installation sprawls across the space as the border between abstraction and representation melts away and the recognisable is homogenised into a new entity.

The collage seduces through squeamishness, tempting the viewer to identify images and to recall their severed origins. In each intricate yet amorphous mass, the eye begins to unpick a smorgasbord of limbs and things amongst edibles and wearables. Each mass infects others with its imagery, leading to a larger, deliberately spreading infestation of the space.

 Mindy Lee studied MA Painting at The Royal College of Art (2002- 2004) Recent exhibitions include: ‘Creekside Open 09’, APT Gallery, London, ‘Breaking New’ Five Hundred Dollars Gallery, London 2009, ‘The Pleasure’s All Mine’ Transition Gallery, London 2009, ‘Slipping Out’ [solo show] Blyth Gallery, London 2008, ‘00 Nature’ Contemporary Art Projects, London, 2008. She is also the recipient of the Amlin Arts award and has had the following work published: ‘Beauty within dirtiness’ Garageland Magazine, 2007, ‘Deliciously Awkward’ NY Arts, [New York], vol 14, 2009. Future exhibitions include: ‘Double Trouble’, Blyth Gallery, London Oct- Nov 2010.

Since 2004 Jerwood Space has provided emerging artists with the opportunity to create new work in its Café Project Space. An exciting and vibrant environment, the Project Space showcases up to seven exhibitions a year, which run in tandem with the Jerwood Visual Arts programme in the gallery. Jerwood Visual Arts is a year- round contemporary gallery programme of awards, exhibitions and events at Jerwood Space, and on tour nationally, and is a major initiative of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.


Visit Mindy Lee's website for more information about her work.

Project Space, Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, London, SE1 0LN