SHARPEN MY PENCIL, Sunday Life Drawing Sessions


28 Nov 2010 to 19 Dec 2010
Opening times:


 Coffee+Sponge host‭ ‬SHARPEN MY PENCIL,‭ ‬Sunday Life Drawing Sessions

Visual artist Samuel Overington and theatre artist Jennifer Farmer team together as Coffee+Sponge to offer theatrical,‭ ‬character-based life drawing sessions which will explode the preconceptions of sex,‭ ‬gender,‭ ‬disability,‭ ‬race and sexuality.‭ ‬Running every Sunday at‭ ‬3-5pm until the 19th December,‭ ‬SHARPEN MY PENCIL is an informal gathering for artists to explore life drawing in an innovative way.‭ ‬With approaches which range from Kafkaesque narratives to two models posing together,‭ ‬come join us for a unique take on capturing the live form.

£8‭ ‬drop in or‭ £‬40‭ ‬if booking‭ ‬6‭ ‬sessions.‭ ‬Fee includes an art pack of paper,‭ ‬charcoal and board as well as tea,‭ ‬coffee and yes,‭ ‬cake.‭ ‬Check out‭ ‬for more details or email‭

‬Studio‭ ‬30‭
‬Unit‭ ‬3,‭ ‬Empson Street
E3‭ ‬3LT

‬Bromley-by-Bow‭ (‬District‭)
‬Devons Road DLR‭

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