08 Jun 2014 to 28 Jun 2014
Opening times:

Private view: 2pm - 6pm Open to Public

Gallery opening hours: Wed - Fri: 11am - 6pm, Sat - Sun: 2pm - 5:30 pm

REMNANTS brings together Ram Samocha's artworks from his energetic drawing performances in one exhibition for the first time.

Hatched Gallery is pleased to present REMNANTS, from the international artist Ram Samocha.  Inspired by his own life experiences, Ram's drawing performances are immensely physical and expressive.  The end product of his creative endurance are the unique marks left on the wall, canvas or paper stating "I am here".

“As with any committed artist every one of my actions has meaning. To me what is left behind is irreplaceable. Who knows if I can or will be here to create it again."

The show is dedicated to the recorded memories and mark making of Ram's performances since arriving in the UK.  Ram’s performances are full of physical repetitions and laborious rhythms that reflect where his life is going, what he is doing and how best to deal with decisions that lie before him.  In this way his art is a visual representation of the self examination process that we all go through in our own lives.  After the struggle is over there is a relic left behind. Theses remnants are precious and become new art pieces in their own right, allowing the viewer to marvel in the detail of the original gestures made in each performances.

To close the exhibition the artist will be doing a live four hour drawing performance starting at two o'clock PM. The public is welcome to drop in at anytime during the performance.

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40 Crimscott Street,
4th floor of Southwark Studio