Real / Virtual


22 Jun 2017 to 25 Jun 2017
Opening times:

6pm-10pm Thursday

11am-9pm Friday

11am-6pm Saturday-Sunday


In an era where technology is fully assimilated into society, augmented and virtual reality have shifted notions of what constitutes the ‘real world’. Is reality distinct from this rapidly emerging virtual landscape? Will technology improve our future, making it efficient, sustainable and happy or could it be our downfall?


REAL/ VIRTUAL is the launch of a 5 month programme of events which explore the boundaries of reality and virtuality. This festival will take place in our 47/49 Tanner Street building and features exhibitions, installation, performance and workshops.



22th June 6pm - 10pm- Big Change Exhibition and festival Opening party

23th June 11am - 6pm - Big Change Exhibition

23th June : 11am - 9pm (Various slots during the day) Whist by AΦE

23th June 6pm - 9pm Vernissage Tanner Street

23th June 7pm - 8.30pm Workshop “Upgrading Humans”

24th June 11am - 6pm - Big Change Exhibition

24th June 1pm - 4pm Workshop “Upgrading Humans”

25th June 11am - 6pm - Big Change Exhibition

Constructed Reality by Susie Olczak

Experimental Corner with artists Field - Luciana Haill - Thomas Buckley - Kira and more.


About Ugly Duck's creative programme

Every 6 months Ugly Duck seeks creative projects to take place in our unusual spaces in London.

We programme a diverse range of projects and we are interested in projects that involve audiences in new and dynamic ways, work across disciplines, educate and advocate for social, political and environmental change.


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