Queerly Beloved Presents Reel Life


19 Mar 2018
Opening times:

7:00pm doors open

Queerly Beloved is excited to host our first event at The Miller!

We're back with another evening of amazing LGBT+ documentaries and spoken word. 
Following the screening, there will be a panel with the filmmakers of 'Still Burning', 'Funny Girl', and 'Harding and His Camera'

Spoken word performers still pending

Film Line-Up

'Where We Are Now'
A personal insight into the changing relationship between a young woman and her transgender parent. Reflecting on their relationship with a newfound openness and sharing experiences of coming out, they wonder what the future looks like now the decision to transition has been made.
Dir. Lucie Rachel

'Harding and His Camera'
‘Harding & his camera’ is visually constructed purely from archive images. The film intentionally undermines the cliche of the ‘talking head’ history documentary, forcing the viewer to question what we can know from watching archival footage. This film explores the nuances of power, gender and ethnicity in British colonial relationships.
Dir. Rob Eagle

'Still Burning'
Voguing has come a long way since 1990’s seminal Documentary Paris is Burning. It is experiencing a renaissance in Europe, with the heart of the scene in Paris. Sky Ninja is a part of the new generation keeping the torch burning and helping pass it on to the next.
Dir. Nick Rowley

'Funny Girl'
Exploring the on and offstage life of comedy with comedian Rosie Jones, this documentary explores stereotypes about disability, sexuality, and being a Northerner.
Dir. Rosina Andraou
Starring Rosie Jones

'Define Gender: Muxes'
A piece documenting the far reaches of the southern state of Oaxaca where, in the indigenous communities around the town of Juchitán, the world is not divided simply into males and females. The local Zapotec people have made room for a third category, which they call “muxes” - men who consider themselves women and live in a socially sanctioned limbo between the two genders.
Dir. Ivan Olita

'Black Enuf'
A queer oddball seeks approval from black peers despite a serious lack of hip-hop credentials. This short animated documentary takes you on a quest for belonging.
Dir. Carrie Hawks

'Red Leaf (Hoja Colorada)'
A boy who lives happily among friends and family in a small Cuban town creates a secret world to innocently explore his developing identity.
Dir. Kai Tillman



Queerly Beloved is proud to be a safe space for generating discussion about gender, sexuality, and marginalization and we welcome audience engagement in discussion, with no tolerance for hate speech.