'Potent?: exhibiting body as a metaphor


09 Apr 2014 to 13 Apr 2014
Opening times:

12:00-17:00 Wednesday to Friday, and Sunday

Closed on Saturday 

By Golnar Malek-Frickelton, ‘Potent?’ interprets and questions the body as a metaphor for evolution and expression. It is an exhibition by a Cambridge-based Iranian artist who found career change inspirations during a stay in Hampstead a decade ago...

There is a focus on the body across this collection of paintings and drawings. They are powerful and versatile bodies in another world, which is a 'developing world' and another realm, a step away from trance where she muses. In contrast, ‘Potent?’ also reflects on the evolutionary nature of the body in abstraction. This body of work represents the human power to take an extra step and rise beyond a status; it is detached from the judgment of the good and the evil. Some of the exhibited items are inspired by the epic of Shahnameh and its representations of the genders.

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020 7431 0144
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Peggy Jay Gallery
Burgh House & Hampstead Museum