Pistols & Pollinators


01 May 2010 to 11 May 2010
Opening times:

<p>Open: 1st &ndash; 12th May</p>
<p>Closed: 3rd &amp; 4th May</p>
<p>Saturdays 10am &ndash; 5pm / Sundays 1pm &ndash; 5pm / Weekdays 11am &ndash; 6pm</p>

Pistols and Pollinators is an exhibition sharing the manifestations of an experimental project that required participants to deconstruct the methods intrinsic to their creative practices and push the limits of genre and classical boundaries.

Accident & Emergence, together with poet Jacqueline Saphra matched 28 artists & poets to work in collaborative partnerships. For 6 months the pairs have been sharing their techniques, experience and creative process in order to generate dynamic new works that combine linguistic and visual modes of address.

The pairs have embraced both the possibilities and problems of collaboration, shifting the balance of their individual practices towards an economy of shared ideas. Establishing and exploring common concerns across their respective disciplines, the pairs have taken varied approaches to the idea of working together, cultivating performances, furniture, archives of letters, journeys, rituals and alter egos.

Katherine Gallagher and Louisa Chambers are ‘ … waltzing with ziggurats, tilting at portals, temples, and reining in masks, masks behind masks'.

Diana Pooley and her alter-ego Ana who've seen eye to eye for many years explore in poems and drawings some of that which goes on both in and across their street.

The collaborators are -

Alison White / Miranda Lopatkin

Anika Carpenter / Scott O'Rourke

Diana Pooley & alter ego Ana / Hailey Ash

Dzifa Benson / Ros Barker

Jacqueline Saphra / Marianne Morild

Karen McCarthy / Alan Cox

Katherine Gallagher / Louisa Chambers

Kayo / Lee Edwards

Katrina Naomi / Chirs Ward

Miriam Nash / Anna Sexton

Naomi Woddis / Janey Xuereb

Phillip Grieve / Jonathan Bentall

Rhian Edwards / Ellie Howitt

Rowyda Amin / Franny Swann

Valerie Josephs / Graham Carrick

Accident & Emergence was formed by Anika Carpenter and Ellie Howitt in 2007. Together the pair curate projects that present participants with the opportunity to explore and challenge their creative process.

Private View & Performances: April 30th & May 11th 6pm – 9pm

The Gallery, Stoke Newington Library, Church Street, London N16 0JS.

For more information please contact accidentandemergence@googlemail.com

or call Anika Carpenter on 07855 874 655 or Ellie Howitt on 07855 334 139

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