Our Room


08 Aug 2019 to 21 Aug 2019
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Our Room

An exhibition of the painting, collage and photographs of Bobby Redmond

Opening Thursday 8th August, 7-10pm, free entry

Open daily until 21st August, 9am-5pm daily, free entry

Originally from Bunclody, SE Ireland, Redmond’s multifaceted artistic practice is as much an open conversation with the social and cultural impacts of his background, as it is the embracing and celebration of gay male love and life in his current home in London.

A painter, designer, illustrator and photographer, Redmond’s education in Visual Communications (NCAD, Dublin) has allowed him to skilfully turn audience into confidante through multiple mediums. As confidantes, the audience are taken into Redmond’s most private spaces, both domestic and imagined. Here, colour operates as his most cogent mouthpiece; bold exacting palettes shout raw erotic queer fantasy, whilst emotive pastels sweetly whisper intimate memories.

Candid, cheeky and tender, Redmond travels the full range of honest storytelling, the depth of which, mirrors Redmond’s desire to confront the conservative Catholic childhood that conditioned his earlier hetero-normative way of thinking. Most recently Redmond’s work has been chosen for Pink Season at Pop-up Brighton, Fagazine, Sassify Zine, Secret 7” exhibition and Illustrated Tapes.

-Words by Alice Robotham


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