OPEN CALL - Nou Wave I: The Old Biscuit Factory


13 Oct 2019 to 30 Oct 2019
Opening times:


A collaboration between Christopher Spring, the creator of Corridor Gallery and Art In Brighton, and the artist Constantin III – Nou Wave is a pop up gallery born in the UK with the first of many shows at the renowned Old Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey on the 15th - 21st November.

We currently have a free to apply open call which is open now, closing on the 30th October.

We are flooded by imagery.

We want to –                   -----------

                                           experience                       -               something


                                           -             -----------             -            

                                                          -             -            

Is a new visual  .-.. .- -. --. ..- .- --. .





We know the depth of the UK art scene. To pretend a small show in London is going to be anything dramatically new is ridiculous. But, we want to take the creations that bring us joy or evoke emotions made in the midst of this political s***show across Europe.

To do that, we first want to find those who want to come with us.

We have negotiated links with galleries across Europe and have agreed spaces for the coming year. We want to find a core group of artists to take with us. We are ambitious and want to create a movement that stands at odds with the negativity surrounding current politics.

              Great Art                                                                                    does not have to be political

Great art doesn’t even have to be visually spectacular. Duschamps proved that. Doris Salcedo proved that. Martin Creed too.

And the reactions to a life changing piece can be just as subtle:

                             A smile

              A knowing nod

A quiet tut

We want artworks of any medium, whether it be dance, jewellery, sculpture, performance art, video, VR, AR, photography, painting or printing. There are no limitations - with the space picked specially to provide an open platform for unusual interactions between the pieces.

We have performers booked for the opening night, with a private view and showcases planned for every artist accepted.

To be a part simply email using the subject line “NOU WAVE I: THE OLD BISCUIT FACTORY” with:

  • Up to 5 Pictures

  • Dimensions of the pieces

  • Price

  • A short biography

  • Any special requirements we would need to know for installation of the piece.

  • How much space you are applying for (1 metre/2 metres/floor space)

The deadline for the open call is the 30th October. We will announce the shortlisted works publicly on the 1st November.

In the meantime we will be publicising selected artworks of the announcement on our Instagram and Facebook.

The first exhibition will take place in the Old Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey on November 15th – 21st.

Email Address: 
Event Address: 
100 Clements Road