October First Thursday @ The Nunnery


07 Oct 2010
Opening times:

<p>7pm - 9pm</p>

As part of Time Out First Thursdays, Visions in The Nunnery will be open from 7 - 9pm on the 7th of October.

Visions in The Nunnery has become a pivotal event in the moving image calendar. It showcases recent work by established and emerging artists from around the world. It is the most exciting and vibrant snapshot of the contemporary landscape utilising this versatile and powerful medium. The event is well known for its breadth, featuring work adopting a broad range of conceptual and aesthetic approaches.

The 2010 Visions submissions were of an exceptionally high standard. Tessa Garland and Cinzia Cremona together with guest curators Rebecca Savage and Valentina Fernandez have selected artwork from all over the world. From more than 600 entries received, the final selection features inspiring, unmissable work by 36 international artists.

The exhibition is open from 2nd - 17th October. (Fri-Sun, 1-5 pm)

Free entry.

Exhibiting artists: Dave Farnham, Charlotte Turton, Maria Pithara,
Bill Domonkos, Bridget Baker, Elodie Pong, Michael Maziere, Tanya Syed, Doug Burton, Jeremy Evans, Kelly Oliver & Keary Rosen, Naren Wilks, Stephen Rife, Kate Louise Rowles, Michiel van de Weerthof, Tetsushi Higashino, Ulf Kristiansen, Sara Bjarland, Ra di Martino, Erwin Olaf, Yoni Goldstein & Meredith Zielke, Reynold Reynolds, Rosie Pedlow & Joe King, Julia Oldham, Christin Bolewski, Arthur Liou, Keren Cytter, Kayla Parker, Sarah Buckius, Eric Peller, Andreas Pashias, Hyun Ju Song.

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