A Night-There Lay the Days Between


01 Sep 2010 to 05 Sep 2010
Opening times:

<p>Thursday 2 September 6 - 9pm; Wed-Sun 12-6pm</p>

An Exhibition by Michele Fletcher, Linda Lencovic, Alice Peillon and Gwen Ramsay

Inspired by the poem of the same name by Emily Dickinson, four international artists will explore the personal and cultural mythologies that surround Night.

The passage of dusk into dawn, and the continuous displacements between light and dark, are notions that have fired the human imagination for millennia. Night is often imagined of as a time of transition, a cycle in which one world makes way for another, in perpetuity.

Using Dickinson’s words as a starting point, these four artists will bring their individual sensibilities and world views to bear on these ideas in order to open up new possibilities and pathways in their own practices, and to add further illumination to their understanding and appreciation of Emily Dickinson’s poem.

Private View 6 - 9pm, Thursday, September 2, 2010 (as part of First Thursdays)

For more information please go to http://anightthere.wordpress.com/

242 Gallery, 242 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9DA