Naughty And Nice


19 Dec 2017
Opening times:

6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Sweet ‘Art are delighted to invite you to Naughty and Nice, an exciting, fun and thought provoking art event, with work by over 50 artists. Running from the 19 -23 December the exhibition will explore the festive season in both traditional and alternative ways.

Before entering the gallery, enjoy an alternative take on the Christmas window created by artist and puppeteer Garry Rutter. Then go on a curated journey exploring the season and festivities with snowy landscapes by artists such as Bhavisha Patel; tongue-in-cheek looks at consumerism, excess and gluttony by artists including Gia Strauss and Michael Croft; fun, festive and celebratory pieces by artists including Chris Avis and Maria Varniva; and non-christian explorations of the Christmas season by artists such as Bahar Borna Faraz.

The exhibition opening party takes place on the 19 December from 6pm and will follow in Sweet ‘Art tradition of being a fun and inclusive night fueled with festive drinks, refreshments and freebies.

Visitors arriving early may be lucky enough to bag one of our limited numbers of crackers to discover if Krampus believes you have been naughty or nice. Then if you dare, enter Krampus’ lair to choose either a naughty or nice treat, without waking the beast. Warning! Naughty treats may not be for the faint hearted, as we all know what folklore’s anti-Santa gets up to at this time of year!

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