Mythology Exhibition


05 Dec 2017 to 10 Dec 2017
Opening times:

Tuesday : 6pm - 8pm 

Wednesday: 10am -  6pm 

Thursday: 10am -  6pm 

Friday : 10am -  6pm 

Saturday: 10am -  6pm 

Sunday: 10am -  6pm 


The Tabernacle is proud to present the Mythogoly Group show to be launched on the 5th of December from  6.30 pm till 8 pm.

We were overwhelmed with the responses and submissions to our open call. The resulting exhibition will display 6 guest artists exploring the theme of "Mythology".

The artists contributing to this project are: 
Tomasz Laczny, Linda Lieberman, Martin Okoli,Scott Perry, Natalie Keymist and Natasha Sabatini
We hope to see you at the Private View, admission is as always, free!

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