28 Jun 2019 to 30 Jun 2019
Opening times:

Friday June 28: 11am- 11pm

Saturday June 29: 11am- 11pm

Sunday June 30: 11am- 8pm

Mx Men is the festival asking what positive masculinity looks like, and celebrating it.

If old ideas of masculinity are outdated we need to do more than condemn them, we need to find the alternative. What is positive masculinity? How do we act it out?

Currently there’s a real lack of discussion on these questions, so we decided to create Mx Men a festival of performance, art, music, and events, asking: What is positive masculinity?

We want you to be involved!

If you’d like to perform, or submit work for #MxMEN head to our submission page here, but be quick! Submission ends soon!

To make this work happen we rely on funders. If you or your organisation are interested in supporting, please email

Email Address: 
07956 430126