Microbial Expressionism


30 Nov 2018 to 02 Dec 2018
Opening times:

Friday to Sunday, 10am - 6pm  


You have been invited to explore BAKiiBAK / Benjamin S Lees’ first solo show. This collection of paintings are an abstract exploration into the microscopic world using resin, pigment, dye and paint.

“I’m exploring the mechanics and fabric of life and myself. Not as an escape but maybe to find a romance and beauty within the corners of reality.”  

From a young age the artist was fascinated with the details of nature, but it was an art project at university that fueled his journey. During which, the artist felt inspired taking focused photographs on the grain, decay and growths found on wood in London’s, Richmond Park. As he looked closer, his obsession with the minute grew, and it was not long before he took to the microscope to explore deeper. This intrigue anticipated the arrival of the paintings, it was at this point they began their evolution. Seemingly chaotic but expressive, rich abstract tapestries of life. Taking inspiration from his research into early and tribal art also aided the development of his painting technique. Which evokes a sense of worship, whilst the layers of resin and paint simulate a microscope slide.

The artist sees the studio as a laboratory, a place for experiments with form, material and technology. A place in which he can explore and question the intricate details of life forms, their synergy and our place within it all.

For the first time at the opening night of his solo show Benjamin has included performance, a new layer to his work. BAKiiBAK is a clone/avatar who will embody the artist, not as an alter ego but perhaps a reflection or extension of self. Then, as the enterprise pushes into the future BAKiiBAK will evolve - learning to speak and interact with the audience. For now they are in their infancy, appearing inquisitive and curious.


Email Address: 
020 3268 2101