Lumen: Through the looking glass


15 Oct 2019 to 20 Oct 2019
Opening times:

6-9pm Tuesday

12-6pm Wednesday- Sunday

Through the Looking Glass: Humanity's Changing View of the Universe

Throughout history, humanity has strived to understand its extended environment, the cosmos. Harnessing new technologies, evidence and critical thinking, humans developed incredible early mythologies and seasonal subsistence cycles, philosophical models and current day astronomical concepts. The earliest human would have looked up and gazed at the stars, in the same way many of us do today. With these developments, our understanding allows us to reach further, to explore bigger questions about our existence and the fabric of reality. Technology allows us to gaze so deep into the distance and we find it immensely difficult to resolve the figures it produces.

Facets of these changing visions will be expressed through extensive works featuring astrophotography, site-specific light installations, intricate hand-drawings, mixed media sculptures and meditative video work. More than 40 established and emerging artists feature in Lumen’s third major exhibition at the venue, part of Ugly Duck’s In Transition season, which considers the broader question of how much technology is changing human behavior.

The exhibition is co-curated with Becky Lyon and Natasha Sabatini.
Alongside the exhibition there will be a number of ticketed evening events curated, check back for details.

Event Address: 
47-49 Tanner Street
Ugly Duck