The Landscape of Time


13 Jan 2018 to 29 Mar 2018
Opening times:

Private View: Tuesday 16/01/2018, 6-8pm

Panel discussion: Friday 23/01/2018, 3-5pm

​Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-4pm, Sun closed.

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This exhibition, curated by Antonia Jackson and hosted by Contemporary British Painting, brings together artists Helen Bermingham, Tom Down, Susie Hamilton, Antonia Jackson, Nicole Price and Ed Saye who explore the idea of time and memory through their painting practice ranging from the figurative to the semi abstract.

“Memory is always incomplete, always imperfect, always falling into ruins; but the ruins themselves, like no other traces, are treasures: our guide to situating ourselves in a landscape of time”

Rebecca Solnit, The Ruins of Memory*

While Rebecca Solnit relates to ruins as architectural, these can take many other forms: rediscovered family photographs, old film footage, disregarded objects or sketches executed in haste as to record a fleeting trace of time are some of them. Once taken out of their original context, these artefacts can take on new meanings at the hand of the artist and open up a space for the recovery of memory.  Such is the starting point for the artists involved in this exhibition. Their appropriation process is however different and involves collage, drawing, preliminary quick paintings and creating stage like set displays. It is eventually the transformative and illusory qualities of the painting process that allows their final reinvention.

In a world where the immediate is ever so important, the painters featured here attempt to slow and recapture time. Through their varied use of colour, composition, choice of scale and brushwork, each of them recreates half remembered, half imagined spaces, imbued with a sense of melancholy and at times existential. They invite the viewer to pose and reflect.

(Text written by A. Jackson)

* Storming the Gates of Paradise : Landscapes for Politics. Rebecca Solnit, 2006

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