Krina Amin | Exposed | Solo Exhibition, Shoreditch


13 Aug 2017 to 08 Oct 2017
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<p>Mon-Fri -8am-5pm Sat - 10am-5pm Sun-12-5pm</p>

Krina Amin 


13 August - 8 October 2017 

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Krina Amin's work seeks to represent our faces and bodies in their most expressive moments whilst subverting traditional perceptions of the human form. Born in London, Krina's fascination with bodily expression stems from how we see each other and ourselves, deriving influence from the greats, from Auerbach and Freud to Bacon.

This exhibition uses abstraction and portraiture to dissect the theme of exposure, both of the form and also the subject's sensation of being exposed. Krina's work exposes fragility and vulnerability as well as traditional beauty norms. In search of a more “conscious appreciation of the form”, her journey in representing the figure evolves from traditional representation of forms to tactile abstract, often to the point where the figure is lost entirely.

Krina's process lulls her into a super-conscious state, rather like a lucid meditation, where mundane perception melts away and figures can be broken down into forms that barely suggest their original state. It's a reactive process, the outcome often dictated by the energy of the model, the behaviour of paint, or a simple detail on the figure that inspires her.

The quality of paint also informs Krina's works. Through a process of pushing and pulling back paint, she responds to the energy emerging from the surface, suggesting line and removing it altogether. The buttery texture of oils and use of khadi paper creates textured layering. The tones created are used to represent flesh in the widest range of recognisable forms possible. The result confronts and even disturbs the viewer. This method challenges conventional aesthetics and pushes boundaries of suggestion and representation. 




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