06 Feb 2014 to 23 Feb 2014
Opening times:

Wednesday – Friday : 11am – 6pm | Saturday – Sunday: 11am – 4pm

HADA Contemporary is pleased to present recent photographic works by two emerging artists, Je Baak and Ahn Jinkyun. This exhibition aims to introduce some of contemporary photographic works that utilise the natural characteristics of the photography as a medium – accessibility, editability and reproducibility among others – yet exploring and illustrating diverse unphotographable social and personal metaphors.

Je Baak

Baak’s artistic investigation deconstructs predetermined values questioning the logical fallacies embedded in the social system. In Petitio Principii series, Baak deconstructs Mondrian’s obsessive modernist values by creating repetitive perspectival photographic patterns. This series gradually evolves into Ritual and Narcissism of the Vision series that have recently been shown in National Museum of Contemporary Art and Gallery Royale in Seoul, Korea. This exhibition brings five recent works from Petito Principii series in which the repetition and patternisation of images become the metaphor of the multiplication and segmentation of oneself. The continuous repetition of this process ultimately denies the idea of ‘self’ and becomes the visualisation of the Buddhist concept of ‘selflessness’.

Event Address: 
21 Vyner Street
E2 9DG