International Youth Festival


29 Apr 2018

NICOLA is a non-profit organisation which was born out of a desire to bring young people and the arts together. Its main aim is to provide opportunities for youngsters to get involved in creative activities, develop useful skills and to generate an ethos of social awareness, cooperation and tolerance.

We are currently looking for visual artists to take part in our International Youth Festival “Arts Connection”. Taking place on 29th April at the Notting Hill Arts Club, the day-long festival will introduce over 50 emerging talents in both music and the arts through many events, plays, workshops and DJ sets.

During the festival we will host an art exhibition spaces for young artists to sell or showcase their work. This is a great chance to showcase your talent, create connections, create further opportunities for your career and for collaborations with NICOLA in future projects as well. We are welcoming all different types of visual arts and wish for the applicants to bring something innovative and personal to the table.

You can apply to be part of the festival by sending samples of your work and a brief description of yourself and your work to

Email Address: 
0044 0 207 386 8865