If You Could Be Anything


24 Feb 2019 to 04 Mar 2019
Opening times:

Launch: 25th Feb, 7pm, free entry

Open daily until 4th March, 9am-5pm, free entry

If You Could Be Anything

Emmi Hyyppä

Launch night Monday 25th Feb at 7PM, free entry

From Sunday the 24th of February until the 4th of March 2019, Stour Space will be showcasing If You Could Be Anything, a photography exhibition by Finnish artist Emmi Hyyppä. The series is a celebration of people and their dreams.

If You Could Be Anything is a photography project Emmi has been developing for the last four years, realising the dreams of around 60 people. The participants of the project have been asked to answer one question: If you could be anything, what would you be? The answers have been everything from the land, the skies and the imagination – something close to earth, something sweet, something reaching to the stars – a cloud, the autumn, Mother Earth.

The images have been designed in collaboration between the photographer and the subject. One has brought along their stories and dreams, perhaps some music or, for instance, a horse. The other has made a flower crown, a dress, searched for the perfect location, the perfect time of day, the perfect time of year. The final result shows the personalities of both parties involved.

The project has been photographed all around Finland, from Helsinki to Lapland, and in London, England. The individuals portrayed are unknown to the photographer, and there has been no special criteria on who can participate. There have been people from many different walks of life – students, teachers, teenagers, pensioners, office workers, artists…

The works on display have been made between 2015-2019. Nature plays its own role in the images and is a strong presence throughout. The dreams have a setting of rural Finland’s nightless nights, colourful autumns and freezing winters.

If You Could Be Anything has been exhibited in different formats in solo and group exhibitions in several locations in Finland in addition to London and New York. The exhibition at Stour Space is Emmi’s first solo exhibition in London.

Emmi is a freelance photographer and artist based in East London. Her work is strongly intertwined with nature and naturality, with a focus on people and their relationship with their environment. She has graduated as MA from London College of Fashion – University of the Arts London.

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