14 Mar 2018

Based around found objects this semi-autobiographical one woman show starts by introducing the audience to a flat caught between two timelines and personalities: the home of Anne Clarke during 70s bohemian Brighton, and a squat established by Jolie in 2002.

HIP transports the audience, in this extra-live performance, to a cosy living room with hypnotic OHP, cushions, incense, tequila and nibbles. Jolie’s soothing and passionate storytelling interweaves Anne's real letters and diaries with vestiges from her own life to reveal an immediate and clear association between the two women.

The performance is an immersive, site specific piece that suits being presented in unusual spaces and pop-up locations. The performance is presented in a makeshift squat and the audience are led into the space as if they are entering into a real squat that's just been cracked, discovering inside left items and a treasure trove of letters and diaries. Twiglets, cheese and pineapple are served, incense is lit and the audience settle down on scatter cushions to sift through the actual letters of a forgotten woman who had been a hippie in the sixties and seventies.

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01707 281127