The Gorgons


08 Mar 2018
Opening times:

08.03.2018 5pm-9pm

09.03.2018 10am-8pm

The Gorgons

In celebration of International Women’s Day.

The exhibition will take place at the MAFA Gallery within Chelsea Collage of Art

Women are mythical, stigmatised, reclaimed, iconic, liberators.

This exhibition brings together the unique perspectives and practices of eight culturally diverse contemporary female artists.

The artists in The Gorgons share an interest in breaking tradition and a fascination for personal, political, sociocultural, ethical, playful and visionary languages.
Exhibiting artists:
Ancel Daniel
Kate Mieczkowska
Pixie Liao
Lora Nikolaeva
Monika Tobel
Han Tsai
Performance by Veronica Cordova De La Rosa


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