Ghosts, Galaxies & Coffee: A Night of Storytelling


25 Jun 2017
Opening times:


Join us this Sunday from 7pm, for an evening of wonders, worlds and coffee. Our world is vast and beautiful, rediscover that with us. Think of something you care about and we're certain there's a story in the universe of 'Kaleidoscope' for you.  

Hei's 'Kaleidoscope' is home to heroines, gods, spirits, civilizations on distant stars, library cities and sunflower pancakes, all written by and drawn by humans who live human lives on planet Earth.  Come explore something entirely new and yet entirely familiar.

Join Yussif and Hei Studios for a night of storytelling, words, illustrations.

You will be invited to think of ideas, things you care about (family, love, war&peace, superhe or they care about e.g. family, love, war & peace, superheroes, pasta).

On the night we would then use these keywords to explore the vast world of 'Kaleidoscope' which spans novels, theatre, cartoons and poems and link a story to each person's keyword (or as many as we can get through).

Entrance: £ 5.00 (with unlimited tea, coffee and snacks!)

07984 693440