Free Artist Coaching Day - London Online Edition


28 Jan 2018
Opening times:

9am - 4pm

Would you like some help with your 2018 creativity and career development goals?

The next free coaching day for London/UK residents is Saturday 28th January.

There are six thirty minute 1:1 coaching sessions available for any artist interested in trying out coaching.

Coaching is a personalized and facilitative process so the best way to see how it works is to try it for yourself.

What you’ll gain from the coaching session:
*Clarity on your next steps forward on your creative and artistic path
*Relevant strategies, ideas and/or tools to help you turn your dreams into reality
*A realistic and achievable action plan

What coaching can help with:
*You have many ideas but need help bringing them together to turn them into reality.
*You find the business side of things overwhelming, boring or simply lack skills and knowledge in this area. 
*You want an experienced creativity coach who knows what it's like to be an artist
*You are tired of going back and forth trying this and that and you know that proper support will help you reach your goals faster. 
*You are tired of your doubts and fears getting the better of you when you know you have so much more to give.

I have been a professional artist coach for over two years now working with creatives in many different disciplines. I also work with self-identified 'un-creatives', helping them connect with their innate creativity in order to flourish.

To book a session please send me an email with one to five sentences about what you would like help with and include any links to your work. Applications are accepted on a first in first served basis. Please only apply if you are certain you can attend on that day as places are very limited and tend to book quickly.

Sessions are via online video chat as I am based in Berlin. I will send you the link when your place is confirmed.


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