09 Dec 2010 to 17 Dec 2010
Opening times:

<p>Mon-Fri 10am &ndash; 7pm; Sat/Sun 11am &ndash; 6pm; Admission is free.</p>

35 artists from across Europe have brought their unique visions of what happens when we peer behind the curtain and see the glitches in the makeup of our reality.

Freaks hold a vague and mysterious place inside human consciousness and outside of human comprehension. They can take many forms; a freak of nature, a freak accident or a freak show. These oddities serve as a reminder that our reality is only as concrete as we decide to make it.  This exhibition is all about the bizarre, the misfit and the unique.  It asks the question; if something is not quite of this world, where on earth is it from?

The Cactus Lab:

Cactus Productions are a creative partnership composed of Helen Prosser and Suzy Graham-Adriani. Much of their work is based in theatre, but they have recently begun to explore the possibilities of art exhibitions in the most bizarre and unusual spaces. Their first exhibition was - 'The Book of Phobias' – a solo show by Tom G Adriani at Wilton's Music Hall in 2007. This was followed by the hugely succesful 'Tales from the Electric Forest' at the Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church in 2009.

A note from Tom G Adriani the curator:

I am extremely excited to see all 35 artists work housed in one superb gallery. I feel that the artists exhibited are amongst the most exciting, refreshing and explorative around. It has been a fascinating 6 months examining the common threads that clearly run through the subconscious of this collection of fine artists

Gillian McIver review for AN Magazine


Basement Gallery, Shoreditch Town Hall, Old St, London EC1V 9LT