Field-recording workshop in the Olympic Park with Matt Parker


03 Feb 2018
Opening times:

10am - 1pm

Join Art for the Environment artist Matt Parker on a sonic journey through the Olympic Park, using techniques including field-recording and meditation as a way to engage with our surroundings and environment.

The workshop will begin with a warmup and short meditation based on the Deep Listening exercises of Pauline Oliveros, led by artist Artur Vidal. Participants will then enjoy a mindful walk to the Olympic Park, taking part in the 'Walking with Crickets' exercise designed by sound artist Lisa Hall. At the park participants will use field-recorders to explore their surrounding environment, listening to pre-recorded sounds and capturing their own unique sounds to share with the group later. Once regrouped, visitors will be able to listen to sounds of fish and algae in the pond through a hydrophone. The workshop will close with a group discussion and sharing session, and a final Sonic Meditation.

The workshop will be run by four CRiSAP researchers: Kate Carr, Lisa Hall, Matt Parker and Artur Vidal. All ages and families are welcome.

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