Exhibition Zumar7 : Homage to Andrei Tarkovsky at Hundred Years Gallery


22 Sep 2017 to 01 Oct 2017
Opening times:

Private View Friday 22nd September 6:30-9:30 / ground floor

22nd September to 1st October

Wednesday 12-6pm
Thursday 12-6pm
Friday 12-8pm
Saturday 2-8pm
Sunday 12-7pm

Private View Friday 22nd September 6:30-9:30 / ground floor

As a flash of misty light
that left me dazed and astonished
this is how I came across Andrey Tarkovsky for the very first time.
From that truly alive moment
to the next one and the next one and the other,
each time going somewhere else which I have not been before
and each time opening a locked door.
The power of art, seen as an intimate journey,
is the one that allows yourself to travel inwardly
until reaching your true nature.
Mine is the one of a child in a world of meanings and colours and for this realisation
I wish to pay an homage to the Russian film maker and artist Andrei Tarkovsky on the year of his 30th death anniversary.

Zumar7 aka Federico De Cicco presents a selection of paintings and illustrations made while being inspired by Tarkovsky’s movies as well as a reflection on the above considerations.

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