The Elephant and the Chain


28 Sep 2017 to 01 Oct 2017
Opening times:

9am-5pm daily

1963 Gallery London returns this Autumn showcasing work by controversial artist HIN, also featuring artwork by renowned Mexican artist Pablo Delgado. 

Continuing their vision of a constantly moving gallery, this exhibition will be the 3rd this year, followed by the Moniker Art Fair in Shoreditch, an exhibition in Berlin and then a further five, later in London. 1963 Gallery London has been tirelessly working on creating a journey for its followers and audience. The journey will be a combination of studies on psychogeography, discussions on the urban environment and art, all leading up to unique exhibition experiences. 

The Elephant and the Chain is an exhibition of new pieces in which Cantonese artist Hin demonstrates his interpretation of a self-constructed mental slavery, and how one can move towards a more liberated state of mind. A combination of 2D and 3D artwork expressing his offbeat humour and wistful approach to art, we are hoping to create a dynamic visual experience our guests.

According to urban legend, in the circus it was tradition for a trainer to chain an infant elephant by the leg to a pole buried in the ground. Confined to this small space, its movements were limited. The infant elephant would at first try to escape. 

After repeated attempts to free itself, the elephant soon realised that escape is futile. It accepts his confinement, enabling the trainer to control it for the rest of its life. The elephant can grow to be the most powerful land mammal on Earth, but it took one small chain around its leg, attached to a feeble wooden peg stuck in the ground, to stop it from roaming free. The elephant simply does not believe it can break the boundaries that have been prescribed by the trainer. 

Like the elephant, we humans go through life limited by our past experiences. Our fear of failure and of the unknown, similarly to the elephant’s chain, a strange resemblence to a comfort blanket, what keeps us secure. Our lack of self-belief stops us from even making an attempt to unshackle ourselves. 

Thursday 28th September 6pm - 9pm

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