East London Prints by Tomartacus


05 Apr 2017 to 30 Apr 2017
Opening times:

Weekdays: 8:30am–12am

Saturday: 8:30am–1am

Sunday: 8:30am–12am



Artist Tom Jones-Berney is the creative mind behind Tomartacus, an East London design studio he co-founded with sister Jess. The company name stems from Jess' nickname for Tom when they were little. In an explosion of colour, Tomartacus prints will be gracing the walls of Edgar’s on Broadway Market this April, bringing iconic London views to life in a characteristically "drunken" style.

These impressions capture a panorama of London, from Borough Market and St Paul’s venturing eastwards to the bustling Broadway Market and cobbles of Brick Lane, all in distinct vibrant colour.

Quote from the artist:

“We mainly create London art because it’s an unendingly interesting city, there never won't be inspiration here, it’s totally infinite. We like the contrast of the modern world up against these big historical stalwarts that are like, "You might come and go, but we're not budging." We like to think our art is a bit of fun for the eyes. A slightly wobbly look at the world. Some colour if you want it. We’d understand if you didn't!”


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