Disorder Presents Disorders Vol. 2


08 May 2019
Opening times:

7pm - 9pm

Studio 9294,

 92-94 Wallis Road,

Hackney Wick, E9 5LN

Disorders Vol. 2 is the second in a series of live art events produced by Disorder Live Art. The program presents an exciting new generation of international artists working with the medium of performance. The works of these artists explore a diverse set of conditions as they activate the mental and physical space. Working live with the body and "in the moment" their research urges us to reflect upon and question the political, social or spiritual understandings of experience. Proposing a format where artists make live work in juxtaposition to each other in a fluid group situation, Disorder creates a multi-layered, dynamic environment in which the audience is invited to navigate and explore.

Participating Artists: Asimis Alexiou, Anna Nazo, Farvash, Hannah Mary Taylor, Infinite Monkeys, Jade Blackstock, Louise Riou-Djukic, Luca George, Manuela Batas, Naz Balkaya, Norman Mine, Ying Xue.