Dance Of Darkness


29 Jan 2019 to 07 Feb 2019
Opening times:

9am-5pm daily

Dance Of Darkness

Hastings based artist Joe Edward creates depictions of the outer body in an attempt to describe the inner confusions and incoherent noise of the human internal experience. Often set either in empty rooms or expansive open spaces, and bound by the physical limit of the edge of the canvas and the frame.

Joe’s most recent collection of work is inspired by the modern Japanese dance-theatre, ‘Butoh’. Developed in 1959 by Hijikata Tatsumi and Ohno Kazuo as a move away from dance styles overly influenced by traditional and Western ideas, it is a complex and beautiful reflection (or more reduction to the essence) of the human experience. It is primal and earthbound, immersive and meditative with ideas of exuding energy from within and depicting humanity by truly experiencing how it feels from the inside outwards at the same time as channelling the space between us and the world.  The chalk white full body make-up and awkward sharp lined angular shapes made by the performers, often alone, reflect the visual ideas Joe implements in his drawing. 

Joe produces many of his drawing materials from the woods surrounded his studio and home. Using charcoal, chalk and clay, and producing pigments from oak-galls (black) and iron-oxide (brown/red), as well as earth, grasses and dust. By using the restriction of his surroundings in deciding the limits of his palette, it has allowed him to focus on the expressive nature of basic line, form and texture and gives a unrefined human presence to his work that reflects the wildness, the beauty and the honesty displayed in Butoh.

Launch Tuesday 29th Jan, 7pm-10pm, free entry

Open daily until 7th Feb, 9am-5pm, free entry

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0208 9857827