Corn Shuk Mei HO’s “Stormy Nights” Solo Drawing Exhibition


06 Jun 2018 to 18 Jul 2018
Opening times:

Sunday 10th June 2018 6-8pm

Corn Shuk Mei Ho’s “Stormy Nights” Solo Drawing Exhibition

Date: 6th June -18th July 2018

Opening: Sunday 10th June 2018 6-8pm

Edvard Munch, Stormy Night, 1893

The dramatic natural event of the storm, the sharp contrast between bright windows of the house (promising security) and the immeaurable depths of the dark night - in other words, an account of physical actuality - have been refashioned into an image of inner tension and conflict.”

This “Stormy Nights” Solo Drawing Exhibition, Corn Shuk Mei Ho has selected three series of works to exhibit in the Gallery space in the Jam Factory, Oxford.

These three series are related to the young adults of their inner struggles and unlimited imaginations. They are all about youth, courage, ideology, loss, and then find their own stories. These groups of young individuals still possess the imagination of younger children. Still in the pursuit of the ‘ideal world’, the ‘adult world’ causes them to lose out on opportunities countless times. Once they pass through the darkness, however, they find themselves emerging from the storm and seeing the world more clearly.

Artist background:
Corn Shuk Mei Ho graduated from Master of Fine Arts program (with Merit) at the University of Arts London, Wimbledon College of Arts (2014-2016). She has a BA (with Honours) in Fine Arts (Contemporary Studio Art Practice) and minored in French Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2007- 2010). She now lives and works in London, U.K.

Often psychological, her artworks delve into deeper levels of human innermost states of mind. She creates atmospheric, melancholic drawings/ paintings conjuring up feelings of dislocation. Her drawings/ paintings document her interest in the lost and the found, what is passing memory and what is synthesised as trace in the landscape.

She has had solo exhibitions and joint exhibitions in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, and her works have been privately collected. She will have solo shows in the Jam Factory Gallery, Oxford in early June and the Coningsby Gallery, London in mid-September in 2018.

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