Coocoolili & Co present: BAD HABITS


07 Nov 2017
Opening times:

Bar open 7.00 to 11.00 / Show starts at 8.30

On Tuesday November 7th at Jamboree, the return of Coocoolili, presenting a variety of acts brought together under a common theme; an evening of music, songs, spoken word, performance, dance, tomfoolery, profound ideas and profanities...

Coocoolili present “Bad Habits”

Do you often indulge in pleasures that would make your pastor cringe? And then join in? Have you ever had to tell your partner off for having their 5-a-day in the form of G&Ts? Did they immediately break up with you for doing so? Coocoolili &Co invite you to a night of music, performance, comedy, puppetry and alcohol, celebrating some of our most preferred vices, our most regular guilt-inducing indulgences, our professed self-destructing virtues. It’s time to have a drink. Or two. Or three. Or four. Or maybe more?

The players shall be:
Helen Ainsworth
Christina Baltatzi
Professor Jack Darcy
Adrian N. George
Artemis Ignatidou
Amanda Mandala
Andriana Minou
Stella Parlavantza
Nikos Stavlas
Maria Xypaki
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“Explorers of uncharted silliness and seas of trouble, intoxicated with fumes of general infatuation, on an artistic quest in search of the holy whale. Through music, text and a variety of integrated media, Coocoolili interpret realities, tell stories, and create a space where informal sharing can happen, offering a relaxed, warm evening among stranger friends and acquaintances. The group is always open to ideas and invitations but small talk is prohibited.”

*Entry: £5 suggested donation

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