19 Feb 2014 to 02 Mar 2014
Opening times:

Mon-Sat: 10-6

Sun: 12-6

19th February – 2nd March 2014
Preview: Wednesday 19th January 6pm - 8.30pm
The Brick Lane Gallery – Annexe, E16SA


The Brick Lane Gallery is excited to present our second CONTEMPORARY PAINTING for 2014, featuring 10 trained and self taught artists visiting us from across the world. In this exhibition we are focusing on the diverse ways of communicating through modern painting, with a thrilling variation of work from abstract and expressionist, to exciting twists on traditional methods. 

We look forward to meeting you at the opening that will be held at The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe, E1 6SA Wednesday 19th January 6pm - 8.30pm


ALEX MORTON is a British artist living in Cornwall, England where he works from his studio over-looking his favoured location of Fistral Beach, 'as a surfer it is the surf, sea and wind that inspires'. A self taught artist, Morton continues to teach himself through his process of painting, experimenting with techniques and textures to compose paintings that satisfy his eye. 

Visiting us from Greece, DIMITRA VIVELI's work is made up of subtle glimpses, where art and philosophy meet with the urge to produce spiritual heirs. In her depictions of this field, the colours and shapes assigned are essential, which is partly instinctive and partly disciplined, serving a philosophical purpose.

Originally from Catalonia, and currently living in London ELISENDA VILA BASTE’s paintings are rich and exotic. Her style is somewhere near realism, but remains strongly influenced by conceptual theories and surrealists artists. We the viewer, are encouraged to consider the concepts that lie behind the pieces. 

ELLIE DEPP creates her work by manipulating paint with a pouring technique; mixing acrylic paint, water and other mediums to explore the interactions between consistency, colour and texture. Battling the dark feelings of depression, Depp uses painting as a form of self-therapy, so by contrast uses vibrant and vivid colours to create a visual utopia that we can all relate to.

Throughout this body of work JOANNA DUDZIAK reminds us of the left-behind human traces on the surfaces of objects and things we live within, as well as the architectural constructions that surround us. We are reminded of how they bear witness to our living actuality as well as to the passage of time, in which we try to imprint our presence. 

JOHN POTHECARY from Winchester uses bright, harmonious colour that works with intriguing perspectives to create narratives. His works have been exhibited and sold in London, Winchester and South France.

LYNNE DAVIES from Hampshire is another talented self-taught painter. Heavily inspired by colours and textures she has experienced from across seas, Davies communicates her love of movement and spontaneity through the use of her brush, and explores the freedom it has allowed her, to capture a moment.

Born 1980 in Witten, Germany, PETER FLEISCHER-HARKORT often portrays life-size, grotesque-looking individualists appear on large scale canvases, frontally placed on the image surface. Individuals, couples and small groups are reflected in the reaction of their viewers. In their odd formation they irritate and unsettle them through their incisive abnormal presence. The artist takes single individualists from society and heats up oppressive tragedy within his pictures, but at the same time with a touch of self-irony and black humour.

THEKLA PAPADOPOULOU uses motifs in the landscape as starting points for highly personal dialogues with the natural world. Papadopoulou's abstract works encompass a wide range of mixed media techniques including the use of sand, vitro, acrylic and oil, varnish, collage and found materials that enable her to evoke the dynamics of the unfettered motion of the sea and the brooding power and mystery of the landscape. These transitory evocative images are not representational however but seek instead to elicit the sensations, memories and wonder associated with our experiences and encounters with raw nature. 

From Manchester, TONY WHEELER'S work is an amalgamation of the surrounding environment and surrealist tendencies. Juxtaposing a host of characters in themes of love, death and madness

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