06 Feb 2014 to 04 Mar 2014
Opening times:

Thursday-Sunday 12-6pm

Complex and simple American art comes to London

American artists Natalie Dunham and Sarah Jacobs are showing two series of their new work in ‘Complication/simplicity’ starting on 6 February 2014 in The Stone Space. Both artists create their artwork painstakingly by hand, Natalie using geometric language, and Sarah using patterns.

Natalie’s series, paint the roses [RED], is a minimal installation that targets the idea of uncomplicating the complicated. She strips down materials to their natural unaltered states and aims to reveal the inherent nature of something that is honest and uncomplicated in its purity. This series brings to light the result of masking and covering up, instead of fixing. The work will visually follow this theme and illustrate that painting the (roses) red is always a temporary solution, as the true nature and colour of things will eventually reveal themselves.

Sarah’s series of intricate showy paintings, Ethosphere, also speaks of life’s complications, but rather than striving to offer an alternative it glorifies noise, complexity & entanglements. In the visual language of her series patterns representing various paradigms or Weltanschauungen smash into other patterns in comic book-style explosions. The patterns often meld together creating new amalgamations, which render the original compositions nearly imperceptible. The visual pleasure produced by these painted interactions is analogous to the beauty of complex societies and thought.

Sarah and Natalie have between them, in solo shows and together, recently exhibited in France, Poland, Germany, England and several venues in the States.

‘Complication/simplicity’ runs from 6 February to 2 March 2014 at the Stone Space gallery. Natalie Dunham and Sarah Jacobs will give a talk a the gallery on 6 February at 5.30pm and the private view will be on the same day from 6.30 to 8.30 pm.

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6 Church Lane
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