Common Logic - Rana Begum, Ian Monroe, Amy Stephens, Kate Terry, Amy Yoes


21 Jan 2011 to 20 Feb 2011
Opening times:

<p>Thursday - Sunday 12:00 - 6:00pm or by appointment&nbsp;</p>

Rana Begum, Ian Monroe, Amy Stephens, Kate Terry and Amy Yoes in Common Logic, an exhibition exploring connected and interwoven ideas of geometry, space, and perception.

We know where we are with geometry. A system of description, construction and recognition based on rules; rules that are knowable and absolute as long as we continue to believe them. The works in Common Logic will explore how these axioms operate in the world of actual and illusory space, through the use of colour, materiality, image and object. The artists in the show work across sculpture, installation, image and video, though common to all the work is an approach to space as a sculptural entity that can be layered, divided, fractured, borrowed, and traversed. Formal and spatial circuits are edged into focus as architectonic structures are built and illusionary planes shift, allowing for gaps in perception between what we know and what we see.

The coloured sculptures of Rana Begum take their cues from the collisions of line, form and colour that she experiences in the barely ordered chaos of the streets of London. Often sitting between two and three-dimensional forms, her works extends into the space shared with the viewer in reference to the urban furniture that inspires them. Her works unfold through multiple moments of alignment in which the viewer, by choosing where to pause in front of the work, can create almost infinite compositions.

Ian Monroe’s meticulously constructed, hand-cut vinyl images simultaneously embody and question our collective desire to build structures and generate systems of order. The resulting systems, such as utopian architectural projects, cosmology, the conventions of perspective, and the modeling ability of mathematics all inform the artist’s work. Monroe’s representations of disorientating architectures with their booby-trapped perspectives and apocalyptic skies render the promise and disappointment of modernity in its own language of frenetic post-human landscapes and futuristic architectures.

Perched somewhere between the secure and the precarious, Amy Stephens’s structures reveal the notion of equilibrium, that tense and very fine line between that which we know and that which we fear. Pared-down to a formal minimalism, architectonic structures are coded within the work creating an interplay of seduction and control. By grouping and re-grouping objects, sculptural compositions inhabit the space offering a sense of playfulness whilst questioning notions of performance, value and beauty.

Kate Terry‘s thread installations reveal themselves slowly and form a system that cannot be seen all at once; a present but tenuous structure that disrupts the viewer’s perception of form and space. Terry constructs her installations by meticulously pinning threads to opposing surfaces and then guiding them as they twist and turn in diaphanous, web-like veils. The configurations of the threads create intricate geometric patterns that can be traced out in space by the movement of a straight line.

Interlocking planes flip and dance and multiple vanishing points play out over time in Amy Yoes’s stop-motion animations. Made by the countless manipulations of hand-made geometric shapes cut from simple materials such as plexiglass, paper and tape her shifting abstract compositions record a multitude of actions and thoughts. Her animations are accompanied by a sound landscape of both familiar and unfamiliar sounds that echo that the reciprocate and the visual. References to architectural and pictorial space constantly shift and fluctuate as compositions are built up and pared down in perpetuity.

Common Logic is the first of a series of three exhibitions launching a new programme at IMT Gallery. The three exhibitions are linked by a subtle narrative that runs through all the shows; a narrative that will unfold and evolve as the reoccurring concerns are echoed and refracted through divergent practices and approaches.

Common Logic is curated by Gary Colclough and Kate Terry.


IMT Gallery, Unit 2, 210 Cambridge Heath Road, London