06 Feb 2014 to 11 Feb 2014
Opening times:

Wed - Mon 12 - 6pm

"If one has a colour to start from, then one builds the whole painting around it. Colour has just as strong a logic as a form” (Pierre Bonnard).

The work of the 14 artists in this exhibition relies on colour as a fundamental component. It is not just a pleasing aspect of the artist’s work but is their primary means of expression. Whether figurative or semi-abstract, people, objects and landscapes, these works exude energy and strength. The harmonies may be subtle, or the contrasts strong, but the Colourworks exhibition will undoubtedly awaken your senses and touch your soul.

Sally Grumbridge, Terry Beard, Pia Randall-Goddard, Christine Calow,
Coulsoom, Zelda Eady, Paul Flint, Sarah Fosse, Pamela Gerrie,
Laura Gompertz, Stephanie Herbert, Tina Viljoen, Cate Field

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159 Bethnal Green Road
E2 7DG